Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas or Saturnalia?

Repost from a few years ago. Can't believe I've been on blogger this long.

Don't you love hypothetical questions?

If you could choose, which holiday would you celebrate this year--Christmas or Saturnalia? And no, Festivus isn't an option.

I've done a little bit of research on both, so I could make an informed decision. As in, I spent five minutes on Wikipedia. Not surprisingly, Christmas and Saturnalia have more than a few commonalities. (Gee, wonder why.)

After much thought, Saturnalia gets my vote.

What's that? Are you laughing? Well, sir, just hear me out. Before you scoff at the idea, at least pause to consider what Saturnalia has to offer:

-A week-long holiday
-Conventional sacrifices
-School holiday
-Small presents (But I'm not sure if Guitar Hero counts as a small present)
-Special market
-Gambling for everybody!
-Reversal of social roles (You can tell your boss what you really think of him/her)

Doesn't sound half bad. And, you're not required to wear a toga for Saturnalia. That's right. Instead, you'd wear the synthesis, which I hear is much more comfortable AND flattering.

With Saturnalia, you still get all the benefits of Christmas (gifts, school holiday) with some added bonuses, like tomfoolery and sacrifices. Seriously, can one ever get enough tomfoolery? And I think this world could do with more sacrifices. Perhaps regularly-scheduled sacrifices would satiate the blood-lust inherent in man so there would be no more war.

Then there's the fact that you're not required to risk your life hanging lights on the roof all of which, may I remind you, have to come down in less than a month.

Saturnalia doesn't require the creation of scores of Christmas cards to send out to family members you see, if you're lucky (take that how you want), once a year.

Given the choice between a one-day, or at best, a one-and-a-half day if you count Christmas Eve, celebration and a week-long celebration, well, I think you know where I'm headed with this...



adrian mckinty said...

Saturnalia/Solstice any day.

Nate Green said...

Why choose? Saturnalia ends the 23rd. So you get to have your sacrifice and eat it too.

Plus, it might be good to develop a healthy blood lust through Christmas shopping before you jump into the sacrificing. Sounds cathartic.

Rita Vetere said...

You had me at "Gambling for everybody".

However, Nate's point is well taken.

Happy Saturnalia/Christmas to you and yours!

Brian O'Rourke said...

Somehow, had you pegged for a Saturnalia guy. Hope you're enjoying your holiday.

Brian O'Rourke said...

As the professors in law school would have said, don't fight the hypo. You have to choose.

Brian O'Rourke said...

Happy Holidays! And I hear that Ancient Inheritance is on a tear. Good for you.