Friday, December 25, 2009

Season's Greetings From Fiona

Fiona's first day on Earth.

In her favorite place, the newborn napper.


seana said...


Thank you, Brian. I'm happy that Fiona decided to venture forth in time to share in this year's merriment, even if, safe to say, she won't remember all that much of it.

I hope you and Jenna, Fiona and the dogs all had a wonderful Christmas day.

I talked to one of my sisters on Christmas--we're meeting up next week for the bigger family stuff--and asked how the day went. She said it was great. It was the first time the opening of the presents hadn't ended in tears. But that's with two kids.

I told that story at work today and one of my coworkers said that she'd just been at a Christmas celebration where the four year old older sister had given the two year old younger sister a bloody nose. Twice.

The dad said, you can't cry unless there's blood. Then he looked more closely and said, Oh--I guess you can, then.

Rita Vetere said...

Delightful! What a cuddle-bunny!

Fiona's first day on earth looks like a contented one. So happy she arrived in time to share Christmas with you and Jenna. Bright blessings to the three of you in 2010.

xxxooo Rita

Brian O'Rourke said...


Thanks for the kind words, and I hope you had a great holiday and that no blood was drawn!

Brian O'Rourke said...

Rita -

Yeah, the first day was a good one. Though we found out in the days following that, apparently, Fiona is nocturnal. Sleeps all day, is awake most of the night.

I hope you had a great holiday, and best of luck to you in the New Year! I expect to hear some good news from you in the next few months.... :)

seana said...

Oh, the potential for blood being drawn is still there. Family Christmas gathering tomorrow, New Year's Day sale to work at the end of the week and then there's still the weekend. The chances that I will make a huge contribution to world peace are slim to none.

Brian O'Rourke said...


World peace is overrated and probably unattainable, so don't beat yourself up over it.

seana said...

It's beating up other people that's the temptation.

Peter Rozovsky said...

A yawn! Looks like the lass is jaded already!

Hmm, I didn't know "There Will Be Blood" was a Christmas movie.
Detectives Beyond Borders
"Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home"

Brian O'Rourke said...

Seana -

I hear you, though you don't come across as the violent type. Or maybe this is Suzie I'm speaking to?

Brian O'Rourke said...

Peter -

Well, there are a decent amount of Christian themes running throughout that movie...

Peter Rozovsky said...

Yes, but I bet it's not about two toddlers brawling at a holiday party.