Thursday, August 20, 2009

Promote Whatever You Want On My Blog

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, dogs and cats, it's that time again! Promote yourself, your best friend, your favorite Olympic ping-pong star who isn't Asian, your business, your local public-access TV station, your crazy new-fangled religion that worships Gore Vidal, your old BetaMax machine, your comic bo--er, graphic novel I mean--your favorite pair of get the idea.

We've had some interesting comments in the past. Famed NI crime writer Adrian McKinty once left a comment promoting his brother in the armed services - I'm not sure it has happened yet, but I hear the paperwork is going through. Just kidding. On another occasion, Darkin Inc promoted a full cast audio drama podcast. Last but not least, Don Luis once stopped by to pimp his tattoo inspired clothing line.

Thanks for stopping by.


The wife and I will be on vacation for a week starting tomorrow. Not sure I'll get online that much while we're away, so apologies if I don't respond to every single promotion.


seana said...

I think I've mentioned this before, but I don't think it was on your "promote anything" postings. Forward Motion is an online writing group that I came across awhile ago, when I joined a two year novel writing group. That program is not currently up, but I encourage all writers here to give the site a look, there are tons of workshops, writing prompts and pretty much anything else you might need to get you going. It would be nice of you to make a donation if you get involved there, but it is not a requirement of any kind.

seana said...

That link didn't work. Forward Motion is what I meant. If that doesn't work just google "forward motion writers".

Lisa Lane said...

You rock!


Karen learns quickly that being both a mother and a vampire is no easy task, especially since her children, fraternal twins Anna and Andy, are not typical kids. Anna, although seemingly human, has the unique ability to not only travel the Astral, but also manipulate objects and people between planes. Andy also appears to be a normal human boy, but appearances prove disastrously deceiving.

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Part II: The Innocent One

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Part III: A Family Affair

Desperate to know more about her natural father, adolescent Anna uses her Astral abilities to pull an alternate version of Billy into reality. His presence proves bittersweet for Karen, who has committed herself to donor and lover, Jason.

Part IV: The Awakening

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AlleyPat said...

Hey! I have a new website Housewife Hockey and I'm looking for non-pro (well, I'd love pro but you know how that goes!) hockey lovers to post their rants and raves. Check us out at The layout will change once work slows down enough for me to create a new layout. Thanks!! Alley

JM Reinbold said...

I'd like to do a promotion for a collection of short stories from the Written Remains Writers Guild. They are a group of professional and semi-professional, award winning authors from Delaware.

The book is Stories from the Inkslingers
Edited by JM Reinbold and Ramona Long

A diverse and fascinating collection of multi-genre fiction by Delaware authors.

Two stories NOMINATED for the Washington Science Fiction Association's Small Press Award.

Available at the Ninth Street Bookstore in Wilimington, Delaware -- Support Independant Booksellers

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Anonymous said...

Looking for a first-rate horror novel? Bitten by Books called Ella the Vampire "A slow-paced, delicious read... not just to read once, but enjoy several times." Buy it here:

Science fiction? Fiction eBook Review called Parole "an excellent novella that science-fiction fans won't want to miss... will draw you in right from the start... you’ll find yourself surprised at every plot turn, and Levenson’s descriptive style will take you right into the action." Buy it here:

Brian, thanks again for the opportunity to advertise!

kc said...

I'd like to invite everyone to visit my blog ( starting tomorrow for a chance to win a FREE copy of Steven James' new novel, THE KNIGHT. It's part of the Baker/Revell blog tour for THE KNIGHT and all you have to do is comment sometime during the week on tomorrow's post! (And read my review while you're there.)

Romance Full said...

Hi Everyone!

My church has an email prayer hotline...just tell your friends and family to email us. All prayer requests are kept confidential. ONLY the prayer team will have access to the requests UNLESS you ask for the whole church to pray for you.

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Paeter said...

Christian Sci-fi and Fantasy, Unsterilized, Unsafe... Unleashed!!

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e_journeys said...

Three publications in which my work appeared last year have received awards this year. Electric Velocipede won a Hugo Award at this year's World Science Fiction Convention. (My story "Hermit Crabs" in issue #14 is on the recommended reading list in The Year's Best Science Fiction, 26th Annual Edition.) Unspeakable Horror: From the Shadows of the Closet (Dark Scribe Press, 2008; contains my story "Memento Mori") won a Bram Stoker Award, given by the Horror Writers Association. And Riffing on Strings: Creative Writing Inspired by String Theory (Scriblerus Press, 2008; contains my story "Arachne") won an IPPY (Independent Press) Silver Medal.

My website contains more publications info, including a bibliography and a list of forthcoming work.

Free e-book downloads of my Deviations series are also available, from my site and from said...

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seana said...

Hypergolf? Brian, you'd better get back from your vacation and check this thing out.

Ian Faulkner said...

Thanks once more Brian! Thought some of your readers might be interested in a new audio production of 'Rewind' that is being produced by GWP. The cover art from Bob Freeman. 'Rewind' is a hard hitting tale of voyeurism, violence and the monsters that are sleeping in us all...
To read more and see the artwork go to Bob's blog:

or my blog to see what I'm currently up to!

Thanks again Brian! REALLY APPRECIATE IT!

adrian mckinty said...


He's still a lieutenant. I guess no one listens to me. At least he wasnt disrated.

Ashley Reis said...

Hey, thanks for the chance to be shameless and plug my book at the same time! :P

I'd like to invite all to visit mine and my hubby's website promoting our novel, Spirit Blood : Genesis of War. The website can be found at

Spirit Blood is a Fantasy/SciFi novel written almost like a Christian allegory. However, probably only other Christians will see the correlation. All others should be highly entertained by the fast paced adventure, action and drama found throughout. (I feel like I'm writing a query letter!) :-D

On our website you can find sample chapters to whet your interest, links to various avenues of staying in touch with us (Facebook, Twitter, our Blog), as well as information regarding how to purchase Spirit Blood if it can't be found in a bookstore near you.

Thanks for visiting and thanks for loving to read!

Ashley Reis
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Nick Hughes said...

Before Brian gets back from vacation I'd better post this: I'll be playing in the house band for Zombie! The Musical at the Plays and Players theater in Philadelphia from Sept 3 - Sept 11.

If Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Pleasantville, 28 Days Later, and Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog had a baby... it would be Zombie! The Musical. And it would be a weird, but really, really fun baby.

For more info here's Zombie! The Musical's Facebook Page