Saturday, February 7, 2009

The World Has Finally Caught Up To Nikola Tesla

This wasn't on my February "promote the book" list, but it was so interesting I had to post it. Several companies have discovered ways to safely transmit power through the air. That's right, we might not need wires for much of anything in ten or twenty years.

I won't even try to explain the science of it to you, because I hardly understand it myself. But I do know that Nikola Tesla was trying to do this, and almost succeeded over a hundred years ago. Two years ago, I read an excellent biography on the man, Tesla: Man Out of Time, after watching The Prestige for probably the dozenth time. In a film that had many things going for it, one of the nice surprises was just how good David Bowie was in portraying Tesla.


adrian mckinty said...

Ha, read the same book for the same reason. Bri you might be my brutha from a different mutha.

Brian O'Rourke said...

Adrian -

That's pretty wild. It's like we went to different schools together.

I'd have trouble, though, keeping up with your reading rate. You and Peter Rozovsky seem to devour books at an astonishing speed.

Good biography on Tesla from what I remember. The author's ability to describe Tesla's way of thinking was what wowed me. And she really pulled no punches when it came to Edison either.