Sunday, February 15, 2009

Phil Stiefel Makes A Great Pizza

Back in March of 2008, a good friend of mine, Phil Stiefel, opened up his own Fox's Pizza Den in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. I'm happy to report that he and his wife are doing very well for themselves and are just about to pass the dreaded one-year mark for restaurants.

Phil had the misfortune of sharing a room with me my senior year of college at Widener University. So naturally, he was forced to endure my wretched guitar-playing, drunken ramblings about the state of literature, and my annoying habit of forcing everyone to listen to Bruce Springsteen.

But Phil took it all in stride and managed to survive our one-year co-tenancy mostly unscathed.

The wife and I stopped by Phil's restaurant last Saturday for lunch. We ordered the garlic bread with cheese and the Big Daddy pizza, which is a rectangular behemoth, dimensions of 24" by 12". So it amounted to a lot of bread and cheese, and more bread, and more cheese. Hey, we were hungry.

The food was delicious, and we shared a couple hours of good times with Phil and his wife. They even let me wear the head gear of the Fox's Pizza Den mascot (yes, that's me in the pic with Phil). I only wish Kennett Square were closer to us, because then we'd swing by once a week or more. I'd put on another twenty pounds I don't need, but it'd be worth it to hang with Phil and eat his pizza. As an added bonus, my wife would get to hear for the umpteenth time about how Phil got me to stop chasing cars in the Widener student parking lot with my shirt off in the middle of February, after I'd had a few too many to drink.


Phil Stiefel said...

Yo Brian
Thanks for the nice comments. I am glad you guys liked the pizza and enjoyed the visit to mushroom world...aka Kennett Sq. Like you said it is ashame Kennett Sq is so far from Glenside because then I would know for sure that business would never be slow with you and your pizza eating skills in the area.

Brian O'Rourke said...

Better that you're far away. If you were closer, I'd be dead before I saw 31 from overeating.

Rita Vetere said...

Thanks--now I'm jonesing for a pizza...

Sounds like a great place, shame I'm in the Great White North and can't get there. Although if you all want to send a virtual slice my way, that'd be cool.

Brian O'Rourke said...

Rita -

I'm sure Phil could arrange a virtual slice for you. How about ponying up there, Philly?

Yeah, I have to get rid of this post because now I'm jonesing for pizza too.