Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Love of Language (More Blogs I Follow)

Many of you have figured out by now that Nate Green and I are pretty good friends. We go back longer than I care to admit. Nate's just started his own blog, 500 Words on Words, an exploration into all things language.

So far, Nate's already unleashed his first diatribe (of probably many), this one against the ridiculous, incorrect usage of the nominative case in a situation calling for the objective. I won't spoil it, but go check out his blog when you get a chance. You're in for a treat.

Just think: if you become a regular reader of his and Seana Graham's writings, your vocabulary will improve and you'll make fewer grammatical errors. Everybody wins.

Aside from being a language connoisseur, Nate plays the bagpipes, writes novels, and of course home brews.


Nathanael Green said...

Hey, Brian. Thanks for the plug! My plan is weekly posts focusing on pretty much any language-related thing that tickles me (please continue to refrain from the mom jokes) including some fiction-writing things.

There might also be the occasional extra post about random oddities ... possibly even brewing. Because as you know, there's quite a load of jargon that goes along with that.

Brian O'Rourke said...

Good deal. I'm always fascinated by anything language-related. Now if only I could turn that into speaking/writing it well.